Selig: Playoff schedule will be condensed

There is too much standing around in the postseason. There were extra off days in the middle of series and too many days after the end of the regular season.

The Yankees should not have been able to get away with using only three starters. No team should. The game should be the same one played during the season. Angels manager Mike Scioscia complained about it and it seems Bud Selig was listening.

“We’re going to change it,” Selig told reporters in Chicago today. “I don’t disagree with Mike Scioscia. I think he was right, so we’re going to try and tighten that up. When you plan the playoff schedule, you don’t know how many games the first round would go. So it’s difficult. There were clubs that sat around. Some were necessary, but some were not.”


MLB added extra days off in 2007 at the request of the TV networks.


Well-respected writer, editor and baseball historian Glen Stout wrote this thought-provoking blog post about Tom Yawkey’s role in the racial problems the Red Sox once had.

For those whose fandom started in 2004, this will all come as a shock. But for long-standing fans, it’s an interesting read. Make your own judgment on Stout’s opinion.

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