New Hall of Famers announced

Manager Whitey Herzog and umpire Doug Harvey have been elected to the Hall of Fame by the veterans committee for managers and umpires.

The veterans committee for executives and pioneers did not select any new inductees. Candidates needed 75 percent of the ballots cast and all fell short. Those receiving votes included John Fetzer (8 votes, 66.7%), Marvin Miller (7 votes, 58.3%), Jacob Ruppert (7 votes, 58.3%) and Ewing Kauffman (6 votes, 50 percent).

If the committee charged with electing “pioneers” to the Hall of Fame doesn’t consider Marvin Miller a pioneer, then what exactly is the point? Miller changed baseball dramatically by helping to form the MLB Players Association.


UPDATE, 10:48 a.m.: The committee for executives and pioneers consists of Hall of Famers Robin Roberts and Tom Seaver; former executive John Harrington (Red Sox); current executives Jerry Bell (Twins), Bill DeWitt (Cardinals), Bill Giles (Phillies), David Glass (Royals), Andy MacPhail (Orioles), and John Schuerholz (Braves); and veteran media members Rick Hummel (St. Louis Post-Dispatch), Hal McCoy (Dayton Daily News), and Phil Pepe (New York Daily News).

So the breakdown is two players, seven representatives of ownership, and three writers. Given that imbalance, Miller has little chance of getting in. Seaver reportedly gave an impassioned speech on behalf of Miller but it fell on deaf ears, apparently.

I’m told that Miller received the votes of both players and all three writers. So only two of the seven executives voted for him.

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