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Boras weighs in on a few topics

Scott Boras was on SIRIUS XM Radio’s MLB Home Plate channel today with hosts Steve Davis and Jim Bowden. Here was his take on some pressing topics:

Davis: “Matt Holliday is at the top of a lot of teams’ wish lists. Take us into the world of Scott Boras, how you present [Holliday] and the process of going back and forth with teams for people that don’t quite know exactly how it works.”

Boras: “I think that, first of all, whenever you enter into a negotiation you want to have a basis that is without opinion. And I think that if you can begin that negotiation with that and you can come in and talk about, you know, you can look at comparisons of players and, obviously, players that are signed most recently and the players that are in the category of a comparison for a Matt Holliday. Of course, you have a Mark Teixeira. Where a Matt Holliday may have over the last three years, you may look at these players and their performance when Teixeira signed last year, and you can draw comparisons of Matt has a higher OPS or he has a higher on-base percentage. He has 40 more runs scored over a three year period. He has a much higher average, by 30 points, over the three years. The only advantage that Teixeira would have would be that he had 11 home runs more than Matt did over a three year period. And so when you go to look at those comparisons you first of all talk about the class, and we have a class of an elite player. And that is defined by metrics in the game that are really looked at without opinion. And you go from there and say, ‘What teams then are in pursuit of a player with this dynamic?’ And you talk about the leadership, you talk about who the player is off the field because of the level of investment. And usually ownership is involved at these levels. Any baseball person would want Matt Holliday on their team and then you are dealing with owners who are talking about the financial commitment required.”


Bowden: “How are the negotiations going with the Yankees and does it look like (Johnny Damon) is going to return there?”

Boras: “We’ve discussed that with [Brian] Cash[man] and we’ve begun the process so we’ll just have to see how it goes. And obviously there are a number of teams that have tremendous pitching staffs but have really weak bottom offense who are going to need players like Matt Holliday and Johnny Damon to be effective. And so, again, the market for premium players and the need for them, I think, is pretty well-established.”

Bowden: “Early this morning or late last night you completed a deal for Pudge Rodriguez, two years, six million guaranteed, 38 years old, .280 on-base percentage. Why does Pudge decide to go to Washington instead of a contending team?”

Boras: “I think for any player that, you know, where you have a role and you have an element where you’re going to be able to have significant contribution, where you’re going to play a good bit. And certainly in Washington Pudge has an opportunity to, particularly this year, to play at a number that’s well above that of a backup catcher. So he’s going to be a significant contributor. I think he, you know, he’s won a World Championship in his career and he took on a situation like this in Detroit a few years ago where a club was building and it worked out rather well for him. So, you know, certainly Washington, on their landscape, has a great city and a chance to advance rather quickly if the ownership chooses to do so. And where Pudge was at in his career and getting a chance to stay in a place for a couple years, it worked out well.”


On Adrian Beltre and the decision to decline the Mariners’ offer of arbitration:

Boras: “You have Beltre who’s averaging 25 to 30 home runs in Seattle. He is the best defensive third baseman in Major League Baseball. He’s 30 years old and third baseman, as you know, play at high levels at older ages. So there’s a lot of interest in Adrian Beltre. He has a lot of choices. And, certainly, Seattle is one of those teams that continues to show interest in him. And so he’s a young man that few teams have and we’re certainly going to evaluate the marketplace for him.”

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