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Boras meets with the media, armed with plenty of opinions


Scott Boras just conducted his annual Winter Meetings media scrum. I risked life and limb to get this photo. The guy in the green shirt who looks like a lumberjack is Rob Bradford of WEEI, by the way.

Boras had a number of interesting comments. He scoffed at the idea of comparing Matt Holliday (his client) to Jason Bay (not his client). Holliday, he said, is a better athlete.

“I think they’re different players for me. Matt is a very athletic player. He’s a complete player. Certainly Jason Bay is a fine hitter, but Matt Holliday is a different type of hitter. He’s more of a line-drive, strength player. He’s really a great baserunner. He’s really athletic. So having that type of power with the line-drive swing allows you to play in bigger ballparks and produce your 100 RBIs, 100 runs scored,” Boras said. “He is, to me, more capable of delivering the production in a wider variety of ballparks.”

Boras also said that I study done by his office showed that Adrian Beltre (again, his client) is a more productive offensive player than Bay. When asked about Beltre playing in Boston, he essentially suggested they bench or trade Mike Lowell.

“When you’re talking about teams and players who have played well, and they’re under contract, the answer to that is that the team has flexibility. Historically when you have a player under contract you can go to a team at the start of the season, or now, and say ‘We’ll absorb some of the contract if you take the player’. Or you can just keep the player and have him serve a function on the team that may not be in the starting role and have the player be traded in spring training or have the player as the season opens up when injuries occur. Particularly with clubs with one year to go on the contract, major market teams, the idea of it is that the flexibility of those decisions usually don’t preempt teams from making those decisions. The fact that the player still has something to contribute and perform well makes that process easer.”


Lowell will be thrilled to hear that.

But Boras doesn’t represent Lowell. His job is to represent his clients and their interests, not appease other people. It’s hard to argue with his success in doing that.

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