Bradley one (explosive) possibility

The Red Sox could be planning some surprises.

The organization has done research into Milton Bradley and could entertain obtaining him from the Cubs. He has played primarily center field and right field in his career but could presumably handle left field.

Bradley is an undeniable talent — he has a career .821 OPS and a .371 OPB — but there is reason that the Cubs were the fifth team he has been on since 2005. Bradley is a guy who, for various reasons, wears out his welcome with clubs. He was, to quote one member of the Cubs organization, “despised” in their clubhouse.

How Bradley would fare in the cramped quarters of Fenway Park would be interesting to observe. Sort of like watching somebody juggle hand grenades. He has two years and $21 million left on his deal, but presumably the Cubs would pick some of that up.

Advertisement is also reporting the Rangers could be interested in obtaining Mike Lowell. That would give the Sox room to chase Adrian Beltre.

Meanwhile, we just emerged from Theo Epstein’s suite. No news is, well, no news. He said there was progress, but only in the sense that they have determined what free agents are too expensive and what players are not on the trade market.

“Now we can narrow our focus,” Epstein said.

This is not what Red Sox fans want to hear. But be mindful that the season starts on April 5, not Dec. 10.

Epstein said the Red Sox have one player they plan to non-tender on Saturday. The leading candidates would seem to be Casey Kotchman, Brian Anderson or Fernando Cabrera.

After trading Kevin Millwood to the Orioles, the Rangers used the money saved to sign Rich Harden to a one-year deal worth $7.5 million with an $11.5 million option for 2011. News of that deal was first reported by Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports.

This certainly qualifies as a surprise given the financial straights of the Rangers.

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