Looking closer at John Lackey

Some John Lackey tidbits:

* He has thrown only 339 2/3 innings the last two seasons because of assorted injuries. If he is healthy now, his arm should be fairly fresh.

* Lackey is 5-7, 4.66 against the Yankees, 8-3, 3.16 against the Orioles 3-3, 3.31 against the Jays and 9-2, 3.07 against the Rays.

* He has started 14 games and has 78 innings of postseason experience, posting a 3.12 ERA in those games. The numbers are to Josh Beckett’s, who has pitched in 14 playoff games (93 2/3 innings) with a 3.07 ERA.

* This is based purely on my personal observation and talking to Mike Scioscia over the years, but Lackey seems like the sort of guy who will be accountable for what he does in Boston and perhaps even comfortable in the Fenway environment.


On an entirely different subject, the Seattle Mariners are making some good moves under Jack Zduriencik and the days of assuming the wild card comes out of the AL East may be gone. Having Felix Hernandez and Cliff Lee at the top of a rotation is imposing, if they end up with Lee.

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