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For Bay, it was a business decision

Just finished a chat that lasted roughly 75 minutes. Thanks to everybody who participated, there were a lot of good questions.

There were a few folks who posed questions that blamed agent Joe Urbon for Jason Bay not accepting an offer from the Red Sox. It’s similar to some people in New York thinking that Johnny Damon was somehow misled by Scott Boras and really wanted to come back to the Yankees.

Be advised: The players are adults who make their own decisions. While it’s easy (and even fun) to demonize agents, the agent works for the player. His job is to present the player with the opportunities that are available and let the player make a decision.

Damon didn’t hire Boras because he wanted to make nice, clean deals with teams. He hired Scott because he wanted to wring every dime out of his athletic ability, which is certainly his right. And while Jason Bay may well have enjoyed his time in Boston, he seems intent on getting more than the $60 million the Sox offered. That’s his call and good luck to him.

Jason Bay knew exactly what risks he was taking. Whether it works out well for him or not remains to be seen.

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