Red Sox now have to trade Lowell (again)

The Red Sox added a fresh coat of paint to the big “Make Us An Offer For Mike Lowell” sign hanging outside Fenway Park with the signing of Adrian Beltre yesterday.

Now that they have a third baseman, Lowell has no position. He could be a right-handed DH, but having a $24.5 million DH platoon doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The team would be better served to have a more versatile player coming off the bench.

Odds are Lowell will again be traded. The Rangers still have an interest and that deal could be revisited again. There were unconfirmed reports last night that the Mets would be willing to swap unwanted second baseman Luis Castillo for Lowell.


Bu that would be more of an NBA-type bad contract for bad contract type of trade. Castillo wouldn’t be of much use, either. He has never played a game anywhere but second base.

For Lowell’s sake, hopefully the deal comes down before he reports to Fort Myers. He deserves better than having to sit there like a mope knowing the team doesn’t want him around.


Meanwhile, as several e-mailers have asked, Beltre was a Type B free agent. So the Red Sox do not lose a draft pick. They lost two picks for signing John Lackey and Marco Scutaro but gained four when they lost Billy Wagner and Jason Bay. Bill Belichick approves.

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