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Fisk blasts McGwire, Clemens and other steroid users

Former Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk has weighed in on the steroids controversy and Mark McGwire’s recent admission of use, saying it was “a crock” for McGwire to assert that steroids didn’t help him hit 70 homers in 1998.

Fisk’s comments appeared in the Chicago Tribune.

“I didn’t just find this out,” Fisk told the Tribune. “I worked hard in the gym to look like I did and feel like I felt. (Catching) took a toll on me, too. A lot of people knew. Nobody wanted to really address the issue.”

Fisk says it’s hard to believe McGwire’s claim that steroids did not help him hit, and that he only used them to recover from injury.

“(McGwire) says, ‘Well, it doesn’t help eye-and-hand coordination.’ Well, of course it does. It allows you more acuity physically and mentally and optically. You are going to be stronger and you are going to be better,” Fisk told the Tribune.

Fisk also criticized former Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens, who was named in the Mitchell Report and has been accused of using performance-enhancing drugs, but vehemently proclaims his innocence.

“The reason he got let go from the Red Sox was because he was starting to break down,” Fisk told the Tribune. “His last couple of years in Boston just weren’t very productive, a la ‘The Rocket.’ Then all of a sudden he goes to Toronto and he wants to show somebody something. Then he gets two consecutive Cy Young Awards (in ’97 and ’98). Come on, give me a bucket.”


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