Hermida and Sox $900,000 apart

Via Maury Brown’s indispensable Business of Baseball blog, we have the information on Jeremy Hermida’s salary arbitration case.

Hermida made $2.25 million last season. He is seeking $3.85 million and the Red Sox have offered $2.95 million. In most of these cases, the sides split the difference. So Hermida will probably sign for $3.4 million.

The sides have until next month to make a deal as hearings do not start until Feb. 1.

If it somehow gets to a hearing, a three-person panel selects one of the salaries. They do not have the ability to split the difference. Each side makes a case a a decision is made pretty quickly.



Two stories of interest:

The Sacramento Bee reports that fatherhood suits Dustin Pedroia. Well, sure, he’s now taller than somebody in his house. Seriously, good for Dustin to be enjoying family life. Hat tip to Fenway West for spotting the story.

Meanwhile Bob Klapisch of The Record in New Jersey documents some bad decisions on the part of Johnny Damon. The King of the ’04 Idiots is still looking for a job and will have to take a serious pay cut.

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