Greetings from Gate C-29

As the Red Sox load their equipment truck at Fenway Park, I just checked two bags at JetBlue for my flight to Fort Myers. Hopefully the Globe picks up the $30 fee for the second bag. If not, I’ll tell them I took Theo Epstein out for lunch. Don’t fink on me.

Logan is busy today, mostly families headed out on vacation. Saw one guy who had four bags and two squirming kids on one of those carts. He’ll need a vacation when he gets back from his vacation.

It was tough to sleep last night. Though I have been at the Globe since October, I caught the Sox at the end of the season and now we’re at the beginning of a new adventure. The start of any season is exciting and the integration of Adrian Beltre, Mike Cameron, Jeremy Hermida, John Lackey and Marco Scutaro should be interesting to follow.


I’ll be blogging most every day here. My theory is that no scrap of information on the team is too small. There’s plenty of space on the internet, after all. There will be a mix of news, views and hopefully some fun along the way.

Have any bright ideas? Please drop me an e-mail with any story ideas, suggestions for the blog or questions you may have. This is a collaborative effort, after all. If a blog is working well, the comments section is one of the best parts. So don’t be afraid to chime in. We will work hard to keep this is a good place to talk about the Sox.

Amalie Benjamin will be heading to Florida soon followed by Nick Cafardo, Dan Shaughnessy, Bob Ryan, Chris Gaspar and our web, video and photography crew. You won’t lack for coverage and that’s a promise.

Thanks for reading all winter. Baseball season is upon us. Nothing better, right?

Meanwhile, enjoy Steve Silva’s coverage of Truck Day on the blog. The last guy to care so much about an 18-wheeler was C.W. McCall. Just kidding, Steve. Stay warm on Van Ness Street.

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