Papelbon puts last season in past

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Jonathan Papelbon just spoke to the media for nearly 20 minutes and touched on several subjects.

Here’s a brief summation:

* He’s happy with his one-year contract, as that is what both sides wanted. He also doesn’t buy into the perception that he will eventually leave the organization as a free agent, saying Boston is where he wants to stay.

* Papelbon said he motivated himself all winter by watching the tape of his Game 3 meltdown in the Division Series against the Angels, even while lifting weights. But now that the season is here, the tape has been put away. “Now it’s time to rock n’ roll,” he said.


* He does plan to use his split-finger fastball as a secondary pitch after getting away from it last season. He admits that was a mistake and it cost him.

* As he often does, Papelbon spoke of his admiration of Mariano Rivera and what he has tried to learn from him. His goal now is to start another streak of scoreless pitching in the postseason. Until Game 3 last year, Papelbon had never before allowed a run in the postseason.

* He likes the look of this season’s team and thinks the bullpen will have the versatility needed to get the job done.

The audio of the Papelbon interview is below.

Listen to Papelbon’s interview

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