Adrian Beltre makes an appearance


Adrian Beltre came in carrying a Dominican Republic equipment bag from the WBC, dropped it at his locker and walked around the clubhouse shaking hands with every player, staff member, clubbie and even a few reporters.

He seemed like a guy intent on making a good first impression.

Being a good guy is generally overrated when it comes to winning baseball games. But based on everything that I have heard this winter, Beltre and Marco Scutaro are good teammates who will be positive influences in the clubhouse.

UPDATE, 9:23 a.m.: A few comments from Beltre:

On the Sox: “No doubt we have the pieces here to win. Now we have to put it together and get it done on the field.”


On Safeco being tough on him: “Not on me, on everybody. Safeco can be tough sometimes, it’s true. Especially the first couple of months and the last couple of months. … It was tough for everybody.”

On replacing Mike Lowell: “The thing is, I’ve always had a lot of respect for Mike Lowell whenever I played against him. In my opinion, I think he’s one of the best third baseman. But professionally, stuff happens and he hasn’t been healthy. … There was a decision made and it’s not my decision. I just hope that he gets healthy and he can contribute the best he can. Hopefully everything can turn out for the best.

On his defense: “My mindset is to make every play I can. I want to make every play.”

On where he might hit in the order: “As long as I’m in the lineup, I’ll be OK.”

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