Dustin Pedroia moment of the day

Scene: The cramped clubhouse at the Player Development Complex.

Mike Cameron: “Hey, Dustin, where have you been?”

Pedroia: “Working out. Can’t you tell?”

With that he flexed his arms

Cameron (laughing): “How did you get so good?”

Pedroia: “It ain’t easy.”

Bill Hall, sitting next to Cameron, was cracking up as well. Pedroia literally talks to himself as he walks around, even on the field. It’s R-Rated and hilarious. The man has a screw or two loose, but probably wouldn’t be in the big leagues otherwise.

You know who loves the guy? Derek Jeter. He came back from the WBC raving about Pedroia last season, saying what a good teammate he was and how much fun he was to be around. Having seen Pedroia in action for a few days, you can see what Jeter was talking about.

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