College Game 2: Eagles vs. Red Sox

The Sox are on the field now taking BP for the second split-squad game of the day, this one against BC. Here’s the lineup:

Marco Scutaro SS
Dustin Pedroia 2B
Kevin Youkilis 1B
Adrian Beltre 3B
Jason Varitek C
Jeremy Hermida LF
Tud Hulett DH
Josh Reddick RF
Ryan Kalish CF

Pitching: RHP Boof Bonser followed by Michael Bowden, Junichi Tazawa, Kyle Weiland, Kris Johnson, Fabio Castro and Randor Bierd.

Robbie Anston CF
Mike Sudol RF
John Spatola 1B
Mickey Wiswall 3B
Matt Hamlet 2B
Garrett Smith C
Marc Perdios LF
Andrew Lawrence DH
Brad Zapenas SS


Pitching: RHP Geoff Oxley followed by Dane Clemens, Dave Laufer, Taylor Lasko and Jay Jeannotte.

A few notes:

* The Eagles are 3-3 and will play a total of 20 games in six states before they play their first game at home in Chestnut Hill.

* The Sox are 19-0 against BC over the years, winning 7-1 last season. The teams first played in 1916. The teams have met every year since 1993.

* It is 60 degrees in the Fort but very windy. Plenty of good seats available tonight.

* The game is on NESN and Jerry Remy is in the house and looking good.

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