Red Sox at Marlins game updates

4:12 p.m, Game end, Red Sox 9, Marlins 0

Missed most of the second half of the game, between talking to Tim Wakefield and Jeremy Hermida in the clubhouse after they exited the game. But Reddick (3 hits, 2 doubles), Kalish (2 hits), and Yamaico Navarro (2 hits, 1 double) provided much of the offense in today’s game. Dusty Brown also had two RBI.

2:09 p.m., Bottom of the fourth, Red Sox 5, Marlins 0

We have a new pitcher for the Sox. Scott Atchison has replaced Wakefield. The knuckleballer went three innings, giving up two hits and striking out one. He threw 30 pitches, 22 for strikes.

1:52 p.m., Middle of the third, Red Sox 5, Marlins 0


While the Sox have been producing much of their offense due to the ineptitude of the Marlins defense, Tim Wakefield has been going strong. He has allowed two baserunners in his two innings, the first on a single to right, the second on a dribbler that didn’t quite go foul. He’s out for a third inning.

Meanwhile, the Sox got two more in the third, with a walk to Lars Anderson, a single for Reddick, and an infield single for Kalish. Dusty Brown singled at the end of the inning, scoring Reddick, but Kalish got caught advancing first-to-third to end the inning.

1:35, Middle of the second, Red Sox 3, Marlins 0

Josh Reddick began the inning with a double, then Ryan Kalish added an infield single, and Jed Lowrie walked to load the bases. When third baseman Jorge Cantu couldn’t complete a double play with a throw off the mark at first, the Sox scored one. They got another on a Jacoby Ellsbury single.

1:13 p.m., Middle of the first, Red Sox 1, Marlins 0

Ah, spring training. After Bill Hall walked with one out, Anibal Sanchez threw over to first. So far, no problem. Except Mike Lamb overshot Sanchez on the throw back to the mound, the ball going all the way to the dugout. That was two bases for Hall, who came in to score on a single to right by Hermida.


12: 47 p.m., Pregame

Lots of love between Dan Uggla and Jeremy Hermida. The close friends had dinner last night, and Uggla sounded extremely excited to see his former teammate. Hermida made sure that he was on at least one of the trips over to Jupiter to see his Marlins friends. He asked to be part of the Friday trip when the Sox play the Cardinals, and got today’s game as a bonus.

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