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Bay’s state of mind

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — Though he sat in the dugout sipping periodically from a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, caffeine addict Jason Bay said that he wasn’t there to talk about his health, about the offseason, about Boston’s failed bid to keep their left fielder.

“If you’ve got any offseason questions, I’m done talking about it,” he said. “I’ll talk about anything else, but health related or anything like that, I’m taking the fifth. I’m trying to move on.”

He was, in fact, happy to talk about just about anything else, from the Red Sox offense to Canada’s Olympic run to the ribbing he’s taking for renting a Dodge Journey as his spring training car.


But, he protested, it has satellite radio!

“It’s been pretty seamless,” Bay said. “I feel like I’ve been in there a lot longer than I have. Maybe you just play long enough, you play against enough guys … I’ve walked into a new clubhouse a lot of times before.”

He didn’t expect to get a chance to see many of his major league teammates in Port St. Lucie, but the Sox actually brought a bunch of starters on the trip. Bay stood and talked with teammates before the game, all of whom were clearly happy to see him. But it wasn’t like Bay needed closure from his Sox tenure.

“Once I signed, once I got here, I got integrated a little bit, it’s kind of been closed for me for a while,” he said. “I didn’t really need the last good-bye. I’ve been traded numerous times. I’ve done a lot of this along the way. Boston just ended up being a stop along the way, albeit a very good one.”

Perhaps Bay’s most interesting comments came in a rejection of the concept that the Sox don’t have enough offense this season. Even without his bat, he said, they’ll be fine.

“I think it’s ludicrous that everybody keeps talking about their offense,” Bay said. “It’s actually kind of baffling and almost funny to me that those guys over there have to keep answering offensive questions cause I think they’ll be fine.”



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