Intrasquad game updates

We’re not going to get too carried away with this, but the Red Sox are conducting an intrasquad B game on the field right now.

Hideki Okajima threw a perfect inning. Daniel Bard worked around two singles. Casey Kelly is an inning into his work and struck out two and Ramon Ramirez just gave up a two-run homer to Nate Spears.

The big-league camp guys are pitching to minor leaguers who came up the street from the complex. There are no umpires, but Portland manager Arnie Beyler is calling strikes from behind the mound.

UPDATE, 5:19 p.m.: Luis Exposito just hit a bomb to left field off Kelly, who had struck him out in his previous at-bat. Kelly has struck out four so far in what now is his third inning of work.


UPDATE, 6:20 p.m.: The Red Sox beat the Red Sox 2-1 in the seven-inning B game. Casey Kelly was the winner, allowing one run on four hits over three innings. He struck out five without a walk.

Kelly is likely headed to the minor-league camp soon. He said the big-league experience was instrumental as he learns the craft of pitching after being a part-time shortstop last season. He spent his time productivey, getting to know the veteran starters and picking their brains on pitch sequences, how best to prepare for starts and their four-day routine.

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