Red Sox-Twins game updates

Middle of the 9th, Red Sox 6, Twins 4

No scoring since the fifth inning here. Scott Patterson in to try and close it out for the Sox. Heading down to the clubhouse, back later with a few notes.

Top of the 8th, Red Sox 6, Twins 4

Just returned from the clubhouse, where Jason Varitek said he felt fine after catching his first game and Dustin Pedroia was having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Varitek said he’ll catch again Tuesday and at some point will go to the minor-league side to catch up on at-bats. The long innings, he noted, were tough at the time but will pay off in the long run.


End of the 5th, Red Sox 6, Twins 4

Ramon A. allowed another run before Chad Paronto came in and got the final out. Matt Guerrier now pitching for the Twins. Both teams have subbed liberally.

Middle of the 5th, Red Sox 6, Twins 3

Dustin Pedroia (hustle double) and Kevin Youkilis (single) drove in two more runs. But the so-far helpless David Ortiz grounded into a 3-6-1 double play to end the inning. Ortiz is 1 for 19 this spring.

Top of the 5th, Red Sox 4, Twins 3

The heck with the World Series, the Mayor’s Cup is twice as exciting and much warmer. After loading the bases on a hit batter, a error and a walk, Jacoby Ellsbury hit a slow roller up the first base line. The flip went first baseman Brock Peterson to pitcher Glen Perkins went awry and two runs scored.

Top of the 5th, Twins 3, Red Sox 2

Jason Varitek is done for the day, having caught four innings. He struck out and was hit by a pitch in his first game of the spring. Sox have two on and one out.

End of the 4th, Twins 3, Red Sox 2

Ramon A. Ramiez (the other Ramon Ramirez) loaded the bases but got a 1-6-3 double play to end the inning. This is one of the most tense Mayor’s Cup games I have ever seen.


Middle of the 4th, Twins 3, Red Sox 2

Dustin Pedroia broke up the perfect game with a one-out single. Youkilis followed with a single and Hermida with a two-out double down the right-field line. Two runs scored but Hermida was thrown out trying to take third on the throw to the plate.

Bottom of the 3rd, Twins 3, Red Sox 0

Nine up and nine down for the Sox. Meanwhile, Daisuke Matsuzaka has issued another statement. Drum roll, please …

“I feel a little bit better than yesterday, but I discussed things with the coaches and trainers and the decision was to give it one more day. Beyond tomorrow, we are going to see based on how I feel tomorrow.”

If Matsuzaka ever writes a book about his experiences in Boston it should be called “Give It One More Day.”

Top of the 3rd, Twins 3, Red Sox 0

Miller had a 1-2-3 second inning. The Sox, meanwhile, have gone in order against Slowey.

Middle of the 1st, Twins 3, Red Sox 0

Ryne Miller was no Ryne Duren. Casilla walked and scored on a double to the gap in right by Hudson. Cuddyer walked then two scored when Harris doubled way over the head of Reddick in left field. Peterson hit a rocket at Hall for the second out. Jones popped out to the catcher to finally end the inning.

Tough spot for the 24-year-old Miller, who found out about two and half hours before the game that he would be facing big leaguers for the first time.


Meanwhile the radar gun on the scoreboard here has Kevin Slowey throwing 111 mph. That could be a record.

Top of the 1st, Red Sox 0, Twins 0

We’re underway here at Hammond Stadium and it’s beautiful again in Fort Myers. With the game on NESN and WRKO, I’m guessing not too many of you will be following along here on the blog. But we’ll have updates along the way.

It’s a Mayor’s Cup game, after all, and tensions are high.

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