Lowrie has mono

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Time for everyone to keep their cups to themselves. That mystery illness that has afflicted Jed Lowrie? That would be mononucleosis.

“He can play as tolerated,” Terry Francona said. “There’s a reason he was feeling rundown last week. He was on the bike yesterday. I don’t think he’s going to feel like he has a ton of energy for the next week or two, but he can do physical things as tolerated. So we’ll monitor him.

“I don’t think we want him kissing anybody.”

In other injury news…

The Sox are also hoping that Daisuke Matsuzaka still throws to hitters, as he’s scheduled to do, though it’s cold and damp here in Fort Myers. It’s not raining at the moment, but has been doing so off-and-on this morning.


Jacoby Ellsbury is still battling throat soreness, so he’ll be examined by doctors, then will have tomorrow off. He’s likely to work out Friday, and then be back in the lineup on Saturday.

Gil Velazquez had his thumb jammed when he slid into first base yesterday. He will also get time with the doctors.

Josh Beckett is improved from the illness that kept him from his last start. He’s on target for his next one.

In non-injury news…

Dustin Richardson was optioned to Triple A. He was scheduled to pitch in tomorrow’s minor league game, and there just weren’t enough innings to keep him around on the major league side.

“He’s an interesting guy,” Francona said. “He’s lefthanded, he’s very athletic, good pitcher’s body. He needs innings, he needs reps, he needs to pound the strike zone. We told him that. He’s a young kid that’s got some finish on a fastball. He can throw it in the zone and get hitters out. But consistency’s going to be a big deal. You can’t go 3-2 on hitters and not pay a price. That’s all part of development.”

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