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ESPN: Mauer close to deal with Twins

Those Joe Mauer dreams are fading away. ESPN is reporting that momentum is building for the star catcher to reach a deal with the Twins. Agent Ron Shapiro is in town and that could be for a press conference.

Those fans in Boston (and New York, for that matter) who saw Mauer as their next superstar will have to turn their lonely eyes elsewhere. Frankly, how in the world could the Twins get a new stadium built and then let their local hero go to the Sox or Yankees?

As for Mike Lowell, two scouts I spoke to today said there is decent interest in him but it could take a few weeks to swing a deal. Teams looking for a starter want to see how well Lowell is moving after a few weeks of camp. Those looking for a bench player will want to see him play more first base.


“He can still hit,” one evaluator said. “But you want to see him move around a lot more than we’ve seen so far. It’s still early for him.”

Finally, you also have to wonder if Boof Bonser is being showcased a little tomorrow by starting against the Rays while John Lackey does his work in the minors. Bonser is not throwing as hard as he used to (not yet, anyway), but interests teams in need of a No. 5 starter.

Could the Sox use Bonser to sweeten a deal for Lowell? A Bonser/Lowell package could bring back a better prospect and perhaps decrease how much of Lowell’s contract the Sox have to chow down on. With Michael Bowden and Junichi Tazawa pitching well, the Sox could use one of them for the long reliever role Bonser would fill.


That is purely speculation. Given the need for pitching depth, holding onto Bonser might be the smart play.

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