Sox-Blue Jays game postponed

Update, game called: Today’s game between the Red Sox and Blue Jays has been called. The game was postponed at 2:18 p.m. just as the skies began to clear. But the field is pretty saturated with water.

Rain showers have moved through here in Dunedin. The tarp is on the field and rain has temporarily stopped, though we hear some thunder.

The Red Sox don’t have much a squad here. Demarlo Hale, the Sox bench coach, who has also run the spring training camp, a job Brad Mills had for many years has been pleased with the way things have gone with less than two weeks remaining.


“I think the guys have been able to get their work in, no major injuries and our preparation has been real good,” said Hale. “We’ve pretty much continued what Brad did for the last six years. I think Tito likes things done a certain way and that’s how we’re doing them. We didn’t want to change too much.”

Had a chance to say hello to Alex Gonzalez, now the Jays’ starting shortstop.

“Everything’s good,” said Gonzalez. “The uniform is different but baseball is baseball. We have a good team and a good bunch of guys here. I’ve enjoyed it.”

Jays third base coach Brian Butterfield, a huge Patriots fan, has a list of the top 10 players the Pats should draft and he’ll share those with me soon. Butterfield always has the No. 12 on the knob of his bat. Tom Brady’s number of course.

We’ll have more later.

Update: It’s about 1:15 p,m, and pouring here in Dunedin. There’s thunder and lightning, but they’re holding out hope they can play with the game sold out. There are about seven scouts here from around the American League on hand. The big issue will be whether the outfield will be playable. We’ll keep you up to date.


Update: They’ve announced a 2:05 start time here. We’ll see.

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