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Twins-Red Sox game updates

Game over: Red Sox 5, Twins 3

Nelson gave up two singles but escaped damage. Still, you have to think it’ll be Schoeneweis who makes the team as Nelson doesn’t have an out in his deal until June.

Back with a report from the clubhouse in a little while.

Top of the 9th: Red Sox 5, Twins 3

Joe Nelson in to try and close it out.

Bottom of the 8th: Red Sox 5, Twins 3

Ryan Kalish reached on a pop-up single that fell between three players behind second base. He scored on a triple to right by Nate Spears. The ball sailed over the head of the right fielder. The poor kid was twisting around like Chubby Checker trying to find the ball and never did.

Kalish plays hard. He had to hold up a bit at second to see if the ball was caught then hustled his way around the bases. Aaron Bates added an RBI single.

Middle of the 8th: Twins 3, Red Sox 3

Schoeneweis issued a two-out walk but got three infield pops otherwise.

By the way, the lefty looks a lot more like a roadie in a metal band than a reliever. Schoeneweis has long hair and a beard and shows up every day with mirrored shades and a multicolored ski hat on.

The players have to report by 9 a.m. every day and he strolls in at 8:58 most days looking like he just got home. But these guys are not what they look like, what they say or where they go. They are what they do when they’re in the game. That’s really all that matters. If he gets outs, he can dress however he wants. Well, unless he’s a Yankee. Then he would have to shave.


Top of the 8th: Twins 3, Red Sox 3

Scott Schoeneweis in to pitch for the Sox. He’ll be facing all minor leaguers, so it’ll be tough to get much of a read on him either way.

Top of the 7th: Twins 3, Red Sox 3

The Sox went in order. Lowell hit a rocket to third but it was snapped up. But now that Texas has claimed Ryan Garko off waivers, he’s probably not going there.

Top of the 6th: Twins 3, Red Sox 3

A two-run single up the middle that could have been an inning-ending double play had Frandsen handled the ball cleanly has tied the score up. But two fly balls ended the inning.

Top of the 6th: Red Sox 3, Twins 1

Is Manny Delcarmen trying not to make the team? He has hit two batters and allowed an infield single so far this inning. His command has been terrible. Bases loaded and one out, John Farrell out to the mound.

End of the 5th: Red Sox 3, Twins 1

Lowell, Varitek and Hall singled to load the bases. Grapefruit League RBI machine Tug Hulett (he has 16) grounded to second to score Lowell. Scutaro followed with a two-run single to center.

Lackey is done, Delcarmen in.

Lackey’s line for the spring: 20 innings, 17 hits, 3 earned runs, 1 walk, 8 strikeouts. That’s very impressive. Like Beckett and Lester, he looks ready to rumble.

Middle of the 5th: Twins 1, Red Sox 0

Lackey allowed two hits but got a double play to end the inning. Unlike a lot of pitchers, Lackey is the same even when runners get on base. He works fast, keeps the ball down and escapes. He’s remarkably efficient.


End of the 4th: Twins 1, Red Sox 0

Pedroia and Drew popped out. Beltre drove a ball to the fence in left but it was tracked down. He has only one extra-base hit this spring but is 11 of 41 (.268).

Middle of the 4th: Twins 1, Red Sox 0

Lackey allowed two singles but Lowell started a 3-5 double play when they had the shift on for Thome. … Twins have sent in six subs but Blackburn is still pitching.

End of the 3rd: Twins 1, Red Sox 0

Lackey walked Hudson but was otherwise unscathed. Blackburn retired the Sox in order. He had set down nine straight since Scutaro started the bottom of the first with a single. Nobody has gotten the ball out of the infield.

End of the 2nd: Twins 1, Red Sox 0

Lowell lined to short as he continues to swing the bat well. Cameron popped to first and Varitek whiffed.

Middle of the 2nd: Twins 1, Red Sox 0

Thome hit a bomn to left center on a 3-2 pitch after fouling two off. Then Lackey retired Young, Hardy and Harris. Beltre has a putout and three assists. Tremendous spring UZR for him. Tremendous.

Top of the 2nd: Twins 0, Red Sox 0

Scutaro, whose swinging it better of late, led off with a single. But Pedroia (L-6), Drew (3-U) and Beltre (K) went in order.

Middle of the 1st: Twins 0, Red Sox 0

Hudson had a one-out single but Lackey worked around it. Beltre made a nice play on Cuddyer, playing a weird hop with a slight turn then spinning and making a strong throw sidearm.


Top of the 1st: Twins 0, Red Sox 0

Hey, we’re underway. 73 degrees and sunny, another big crowd and Nomah in the booth for ESPN if you’re near a television. If not, stay here and we’ll keep you updated.

Top of the 1st: Twins 0, Red Sox 0

Everybody is ready to go here at City of Palms except ESPN. John Lackey is just standing on the mound looking annoyed.

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