Yankees-Red Sox in-game updates

Game over: Red Sox 9, Yankees 7

Papelbon allowed a two-out single by Posada but Granderson grounded to Beltre. A nice, tidy 3:46. Sox are 1-0.

Back later with more.

Top of the 9th: Red Sox 9, Yankees 7

Jonathan Papelbon in to try and close out the game. He’ll face A-Rod, Cano, and Posada. It can’t get any worse than the last time he was on the mound here, can it?

Bottom of the 8th: Red Sox 9, Yankees 7

Pedroia RBI single as Cameron comes around from second, popping up and smacking his hands together after scoring. Great debut for Cameron as the Yankees get a bullpen meltdown: 3 innings, 6 hits, 4 runs.


Bottom of the 8th: Red Sox 8, Yankees 7

Cameron singled and Scutaro walked to start the inning. They are each 2 for 3 with a walk. Chamberlain does not have the movement on his fastball and has had it only in spurts since 2008.

People are doing the Wave now. They don’t even need baseball. Just have people come to the park when the team is on the road. They can watch videos, sing songs and do the Wave. Then the actual baseball fans can come to the game.

Middle of the 8th: Red Sox 8, Yankees 7

Bard walked Johnson but escaped damage by getting Teixeira to ground into a force. Meanwhile, the biggest cheer from the crowd all night came when Neil Diamond was introduced to sing Sweet Caroline. The Red Sox are opening the season against the Yankees, it’s a great game and people are more excited about Neil Diamond?

Remember when baseball fans went to Fenway Park and the “entertainment” was, you know, the game?

Red Sox 8, Yankees 7

Nice sequence there for the Yankees. Marte throws a wild pitch then Posada lets the run score on a passed ball. It looked like he got crossed up. Then Marte walked Ortiz. He’s out and Chamberlain is on.


15 runs, 21 hits in this game. These two teams play games like this no matter if it’s Game 1 or Game 162. So much fun to watch.

Bottom of the 7th: Yankees 7, Red Sox 7

That’s it for Park as Youkilis doubles off The Wall with two outs. Marte in to face Ortiz. Big Papi is due tonight.

Tell you what, the Red Sox offense seems fine. Maybe they need Heath Bell from the Padres, not Adrian Gonzalez.

Bottom of the 7th: Yankees 7, Red Sox 7

That’s Chan Ho Out Of The Park. Scutaro singled and Pedroia drilled one into the Monster Seats. We are all tied up again.

Next team that scores wins.

Middle of the 7th: Yankees 7, Red Sox 5

Granderson walked but Swisher bounced into a double play. … Steven Tyler just did God Bless America accompanied by a hot girl who was not introduced. Rumor has it that Aerosmith and the mighty J. Geils Band will play Fenway this summer.

Top of the 7th: Yankees 7, Red Sox 5

The Yankees strike back. Ramirez, who wasn’t sharp in spring training, walked Teixeira before Rodriguez doubled off The Wall. Okajima came in and allowed an RBI groundout by Cano and an RBI single by Posada.

Top of the 7th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 5

Robertson gets Drew and Cameron to ground out. Now it’s up to the respective bullpens. Ramirez stays on the mound for the Red Sox. He’ll face Teixeira to lead off.

Beckett and Sabathia: 10 innings, 14 hits, 10 earned runs. So much for a pair of aces.


Bottom of the 6th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 5

Beltre drills the first pitch into center and we’re all tied up. Two RBIs for Beltre in his Boston debut.

Bottom of the 6th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 4

Ortiz shatters his bat and grounds to second. No run there. Sabathia out and David Robertson in to face Beltre. We’ll see if Francona’s lineup decision pays off.

Ortiz 0 for 3 without a ball out of the infield.

Bottom of the 6th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 4

We have a ballgame here in Boston. Youkilis rifled a 3-1 pitch that tailed away from Swisher in right field and went for a two-run triple. Runner on third and nobody out. They have to score this run and get Sabathia out of the game.

Bottom of the 6th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 2

The Red Sox are in business. Pedroia draws a walk and scoots to third as Martinez doubles into the corner in left field. Sabathia has thrown 95 pitches and Dave Robertson is warming up.

Big spot for Youkilis here.

Middle of the 6th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 2

Scott Schoeneweis did his job, getting the first two outs of the inning. Ramirez allowed a single by Jeter but got Johnson to line out. The Red Sox have three innings to get something cooking or they’ll have to deal with Rivera in the ninth.

Top of the 6th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 2

Ellsbury fans looking. No big hit. But the Sox did show some life.

Bottom of the 5th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 2

The Red Sox have shown up. Singles by Drew, Cameron and Scutaro have accounted for a second run. Gardner made a poor throw and now Cameron is on third and Scutaro on second. They’re one hit away from being right back in this.

Middle of the 5th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 1

Beckett hasn’t recorded just one strikeout since June 14, 2007 against Colorado. Schoeneweis came in and fanned Granderson to end the inning.

Top of the 5th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 1

Beckett departs with two runners on base and two outs. Cano singled deep to right before Posada walked. Beckett leaves having thrown only 54 of his 94 pitches for strikes over 4.2 innings. His line so far: 4.2 8 5 5 3 1

Bottom of the 4th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 1

Three up, three down for Sabathia. Pedroia made it close on a 3-1 at first base to lead off the inning but was punched out by Angel Hernandez. He appeared to say, “That’s weak” in the dugout (albeit it with a few more adjectives) when he got back.

Beckett starts the fifth inning having thrown 74 pitches. He needs to get efficient and fast if he’s going to hang around this game much longer.

Top of the 4th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 1

The Sox just got snookered by the Yankees. Jeter took off for second, Martinez threw down and Gardner stole home without a play. The throw was wide right, but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway as Gardner took off as the throw was made.

With Gardner on third, they have to be better prepared than that.

Gardner is the first Yankee to steal home since A-Rod on July 31, 2004, also on the back-end of a double steal. People are sleeping on Brett Gardner, he’s going to be a helpful offensive player for the Yankees.

Top of the 4th: Yankees 4, Red Sox 1

Beckett is struggling again. Cano doubled off the wall in left, the ball eluding the leap of Ellsbury. After Posada and Granderson grounded out, Gardner singled hard into left on a 3-2 pitch. Gardner, who had been 0 for 10 against Beckett, is 2 for 2 tonight.

Jeter followed with an RBI single. Beckett is at 70 pitches already.

Top of the 4th: Yankees 2, Red Sox 1

Cameron walked. But he was doubled off first base when Scutaro lined to third. Ellsbury then grounded to third. The starters have settled in here after a rough second inning.

Middle of the 3rd: Yankees 2, Red Sox 1

Beckett walked the ever-patient Nick Johnson. But Teixeira popped to right and Rodriguez grounded into a 6-4-3 double play.

Top of the 3rd: Yankees 2, Red Sox 1

Drew fanned looking to end the inning.

Bottom of the 2nd: Yankees 2, Red Sox 1

Youkilis doubled off the wall in left, driving the ball to the gap. He moved to third when Ortiz grounded to first and scored when Beltre delivered a sacrifice fly to dead center that Granderson had to make a leaping catch on.

Middle of the 2nd: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0

Gardner, who had been 0 for 10 against Beckett, singled. But Jeter grounded into a force. Beckett allowed four hits in the inning. Now the Sox will try and get something going against Sabathia.

Top of the 2nd: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0

Nothing cheap about that one. Granderson crushed a low 3-2 fastball well above the Red Sox bullpen in center. Swisher has followed with a single and John Farrell went to the mound to talk to Beckett.

Top of the 2nd: Yankees 1, Red Sox 0

Rodriguez grounded back to Beckett; Cano lined to center then Posada lined a 2-1 pitch off the Pesky Pole in right field. It’s a foul ball in any other park in the majors but here it’s 1-0 Yankees.

That’s four Opening Day homers for Posada, the most among the Yankees.

Top of the 2nd: Yankees 0, Red Sox 0

Easy inning for Sabathia, too. Ellsbury lined to center, Pedroia struck out on high heat and Martinez grounded to first after a protracted battle.

Middle of the 1st: Yankees 0, Red Sox 0

Nice inning for Beckett, seven pitches, three quick outs. Jeter grounded the first pitch to Scutaro; Cameron went back to the wall to track down a ball hit by Johnson and Teixeira grounded to Youkilis. UZR, y’all.

Top of the 1st: Yankees 0, Red Sox 0

We are underway at Fenway Park. First pitch at 8:10 and it’s 67 degrees. Great night for baseball. Here’s hoping everybody enjoys the season.

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