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Cameron, Scutaro were plenty patient

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t the first game seem like it was a week ago? These days off early in the season are maddening. By the time we get to first pitch tonight, every pitch on Sunday will have been analyzed.

Speaking of which:

* Marco Scutaro saw 18 pitches on Sunday and Mike Cameron 20. Cameron will strike out a lot, but keep an eye on how deep he gets into counts. He’s going to fit right in with how the Red Sox wear down pitchers. Scutaro is going to be a very solid No. 9 hitter, too.

* The game ended Sunday with a grounder to Adrian Beltre that I’m not sure Mike Lowell gets to last season. So instead of two on and two out, it was Dirty Water time.

* By the way, David Ortiz has better numbers (and 20 more at-bats) against Andy Pettitte than Lowell. So don’t expect Papi to sit against the lefty tomorrow.

* Globe colleague Chad Finn made a good point today when we taped a podcast: Jon Lester could be a prime Cy Young candidate with that infield behind him. He gets a lot of groundballs that will be more efficiently turned into outs this season.

* Kudos to Dave Mellor and his crew. Fenway looked sparkling considering there was a hockey rink in the middle of the field for a month.

* Chan Ho Park in the NL: 3.99 with a 1.34 WHIP. In the AL: 5.83 with a 1.61.

* Have patience with Jacoby Ellsbury. He can’t learn to be a good leadoff hitter unless he’s hitting leadoff.


* The Yankees are interested in seeing how Excitable Boy A.J. Burnett works with Jorge Posada tonight.

* File this away: Mark Teixeira really hates getting hit by a pitch and the day is coming when he charges the mound. The Yankees led the league in HBP last season and took pride in that. It’s a combustible mix because other teams will pay them back.

* Nomar is back. Pedro came back. Who’s next on the Red Sox Redemption Tour? Manny? No chance. Those wounds are still too fresh, Maybe Johnny Damon will get a cheer when he returns with the Tigers.

I covered Pedro when he was with the Mets. After his first season was over, he handed out business cards to the beat writers with his cell phone number in case we needed to contact him. They said “Pedro J. Martinez, Right-handed pitcher.” What a character.

I still have it. Maybe when he goes in the Hall of Fame, I’ll get it framed.

OK, check back later for much more. Game 2 on tap.

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