Ellsbury overdue against the Yankees

A few pre-game notes for you:

* Jacoby Ellsbury has one hit in his last 27 at-bats against the Yankees going back to last season.

* Alex Rodriguez starts the day with 583 home runs. He is tied with Mark McGwire for 8th place all-time.

* Three Cuban players RHP Israel Soto, C Adalberto Ibarra and OF Luis Fonseca have been cleared to sign with major league eams and will be working out in the Dominican Republic next Tuesday. The Red Sox are expected to be one of the teams in attendance.

* Dazmon Cameron, Mike’s 13-year-old son, was in uniform and shagging balls during batting practice. He runs just like his dad and has a great arm.


* The Red Sox media notes ran a list of the players with the most total bases on Opening Day in team history. Here it is:

10: Pudge Fisk (1973)
8: Carl Yastrzemski (1968)
8: Lenny Green (1965)
8: Ted Lepcio (1955)
7: Kevin Youkilis (2010)
7: David Ortiz (2006)
7: Jose Offerman (1999)
7: Dwight Evans (1986)
7: Bernie Carbo (1977)
7: Ira Flagstead (1925)

I have to be honest, I had never heard of Lenny Green before. Turns out he spent two years for the Sox and played for five teams in all over 12 seasons.

* Clay Buchholz is going to throw a three-inning simulated game tomorrow to stay sharp, His first start doesn’t come until Sunday in Kansas City.

* Here’s a link to the podcast that Chad Finn and I recorded today with Globe multi-media master Daigo Fujiwara.

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