Greetings from Gate G-8

Greetings from the Tony Esposito International Airport in Chicago. Here waiting for a connecting flight to Kansas City.

This is the first road trip of the year and that’s a good thing. The baseball season has its rhythms and spring training is not really indicative of them Neither was the circus of an opening series against the Yankees. But six games in seven days against the Royals and Twins? That’s baseball.

Meanwhile, by somewhat popular demand, here is the list of minor leaguers the Sox released during spring training:

RHP Scott Patterson, RHP Chad Povich, RHP Chad Rhoades, RHP Jorge Sosa, C Ty Weeden, 1B Brett Harper, 1B Mike Jones, 2B Jeff Natale, 3B Christian Colonel and OF Kade Keowen.


Patterson was with the Yankees in 2008 and was dubbed “The Stranger” by the players because nobody knew who he was and he never said anything. Now that’s a nickname you don’t want. Unless you’re Billy Joel.

Sosa was the guy who showed up late for camp because of visa issues in the Dominican. Guess that didn’t work out so well for him.

Meanwhile, Jed Lowrie has been placed on the “Will Never Be Seen Again” list. He has not played any baseball since March 11 because of mono and apparently is still in Fort Myers. So much for proving he can stay on the field.

I’m writing this with an iPhone, so hopefully there aren’t a lot of typos. It’s the same iPhone I used to listen to music on the plane and look up my gate when I got here. When you walk through an airport, 8 out of 10 people are looking at their phones. The other 20 percent are kids or people working at Hudson News.

It’s amazing. What did people do before they had phones to check every 6.2 seconds?

Since nobody asked, I’m listening to Your Hand in Mine by a group called Explosions In The Sky. They do a lot of the music for Friday Night Lights, which is back in a few weeks.


Every time I saw Minka Kelly at the World Series last fall I wanted to ask her what she ever saw in that rotten Tim Riggins, But I restrained myself.

Speaking of football, the gang at Extra Points are gearing up for the draft. I am totally on board with the Pats using a pick on Tim Tebow. I have no idea whether he can play quarterback, but he can do things that help win football games.

As Kevin Faulk told our Monique Walker: “He’s a winner that’s all I got to say. Who doesn’t want a winner on their team.”

That’s about it. Well, there is a little news. We had a meeting in the office today and there’s a social event in the planning stages for June. It’ll be a get together at a bar near Fenway to watch a game, talk some baseball and get free crap exciting items courtesy of the Globe.

It’ll be held in conjunction with the insanely popular Love Letters blog. More details to come.

They’re boarding the flight. Hopefully his little travelogue didn’t annoy you. If so, send me your address and you’ll get a full refund.

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