Francona on West: “It worries you”

Terry Francona on Joe West’s comments:

“Obviously I think I need to be somewhat careful or selective. I think it kind of surprised all of us. When you have somebody in charge of running the game without bias and you hear those comments coming out pretty strong. It probably worries you a little bit. … Looking back at the series, I can’t say I sit there in the seventh inning and say, ‘Oh, God. Let’s play quicker.’ That’s just the way it is.”

Francona said that none of the umpires, including West, told the teams to speed up play.


“I agree they’re long games. They’re probably always going to be,” he said.

Said Dustin Pedroia: “Those words were a little harsh for two of the best franchises in all of baseball. If he doesn’t like doing our games, he shouldn’t do them. The way I look at it, if he’s going to call out two of the best teams in baseball, maybe we’re not the problem.”

According to Pedroia, umpire Angel Hernandez shouted at Derek Jeter when the Yankees shortstop asked for time while at the plate on Tuesday night.

“The pitcher gets to throw the ball on his time. There shouldn’t be anybody yelling at you to get in the box,” Pedroia said. “Derek Jeter is a Hall of Fame baseball player and the umpire is yelling at him. That’s embarrassing. That should never happen. Being an opposing player, it made me upset. I’m playing against him and I want to see him hit. Who doesn’t? That’s not how it should be.”

There also were a few updates on other matters:

* Francona said he planned to get Mike Lowell, Bill Hall, Jeremy Hermida and Jason Varitek in games this weekend. You can expect to see Varitek tomorrow catching Josh Beckett. That way Victor Martinez can catch Clay Buchholz. Makes sense given how well those pairs have worked together.


* Daisuke Matsuzaka pitches for Pawtucket tomorrow in the first game of a doubleheader. They were rained out tonight.

* Boof Bonser was 90-91 m.p.h. with his fastball last night and touched 94.

* The Wall Street Journal timed Josh Beckett as the slowest-working of the Opening Day starters. Francona’s response: “I can honestly say I have never read the Wall Street Journal and I don’t intend to.”

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