Pre-game updates from Fenway

Weather update: It’s raining and cold. The gates are open and they’ll try to play. But be prepared for a delay.

As for baseball matters, here’s a report from Mike Vega:

Hopeful that Jacoby Ellsbury (ribs) and Mike Cameron (kidney stone) were on the mend, Sox manager Terry Francona said the club was not likely to make any roster moves to make up for the manpower shortage in the outfield.

“We’re not going to rush into a decision that, 10 days from now, we wished we wouldn’t have made,” Francona said.

The Sox manager was hopeful, though, of getting Cameron back in the lineup for Saturday night’s game after he passed the kidney stone today.


“He spent the morning over at the hospital,” Francona said. “I think it passed. I don’t know if it’s ambitious or not, but there’s a chance he could play [Saturday night], so that’s good. He’s on the other side coming out.”

As for Ellsbury?

“We talked to Ellsbury a couple of times and because we’re short we tried to pinpoint with him where he thought he was. I think, again, we’re being a little bit ambitious to think he’s going to play in the next couple of days. At the same time, if you look up and we put him on the DL, we’d be losing four, five, six days of Ellsbury. So we’re trying to balance that.

“Because we think Cam’s coming [back], we’re not going to make a move tonight. We’ll play Billy in center and hope that nothing goes wrong.”

Daisuke Matsuzaka will pitch for Pawtucket on Wednesday night at Lehigh Valley.

“Then we’ll get him back into the rotation,” Francona said. “We’ll manuever it however it works best for us, but we want to get him out to 95 close to 100, but I think he felt
really good about himself.”


After going 0 for 4 in Thursday’s 8-0 loss at Minnesota — and 0 for 9 in the series against the Twins — right fielder J.D. Drew found himself batting second in tonight’s lineup ahead of Dustin Pedroia, which, Francona hoped, would help the struggling right fielder (.143) get started.

“I think hitting him in front of Pedroia is a good way of doing that,” Francona said. “Pedey is probably swinging the bat probably better than anyone we have. We’re trying to get him in a position tonight because Victor [Martinez] is not playing. Hopefully we can get JD. in a situation where we get him some fastballs and get him on track.”

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