Rays-Red Sox in-game updates

Game over: Rays 7, Red Sox 1

Cameron doubled and scored on a sac fly by Pedroia. Way too little, much too late.

The Rays have won six straight and can sweep the four-game series tomorrow. The Red Sox now trail the first-place Rays and Yankees by five games only 12 games into the season.

Middle of the 9th: Rays 7, Red Sox 0

Manny Delcarmen and his 92-mph fastball pitched the ninth for the Sox and worked around a leadoff walk.

Top of the 9th: Rays 7, Red Sox 0

Here’s the exciting news: Garza had to face more than three batters in the 8th inning as the Sox sent five men to the plate. Alas, they did not score.


J.D. Drew was inexplicably walked with one out and went to third when Beltre doubled. But Hermida tapped back to the pitcher before Varitek hit a fly ball to left field.

Here is some legitimately good news: Ryan Westmoreland is at Fenway Park today with some friends. The team offered no update on his condition, however.

Middle of the 8th: Rays 7, Red Sox 0

Schoeneweis got through the 8th. Meanwhile, a few stats on the Red Sox’ offensive skid:

Last 37 innings: 6 runs, 26 of 131 (.176), 32 strikeouts, 0 of 22 with runners in scoring position.

Top of the 8th: Rays 7, Red Sox 0

Garza did it again. Scutaro singled and Pedroia bounced into a double play. Then Martinez grounded out. 21 batters through seven innings and he has thrown 96 pitches.

Middle of the 7th: Rays 7, Red Sox 0

Lester is out and Schoeneweis came in. He walked Zobrist but got a double-play grounder and then got Pena to ground to first.

End of the 6th: Rays 7, Red Sox 0

Varitek singled with one out. But Cameron grounded into a double play. Garza has faced 18 batters over six innings.

Top of the 6th: Rays 7, Red Sox 0

Pena walked before Upton drove a fastball way out to center. Cameron gave it the courtesy glance as it sailed over his head.


A double by Aybar, a throwing error by Lester and a fielder’s choice led to the third run of the inning.

Lester’s line so far: 6 7 7 7 3 5. He has thrown 104 pitches and is probably done. He has an 8.44 ERA at the moment.

Top of the 6th: Rays 4, Red Sox 0

Well, the Sox got a hit. Adrian Beltre lined one off the wall with two outs. Then he was thrown out at second by Crawford. Of course.

Middle of the 5th: Rays 4, Red Sox 0

Lester left two stranded in the inning and theoretically, the Red Sox remain in the game assuming they can get a hit at some point.

Top of the 5th: Rays 4, Red Sox 0

Scutaro drew a walk. But Pedroia popped to first before Martinez grounded into a 4-5-3 DP against the shift.The perfect game is gone but the no-hitter remains in intact.

Middle of the 4th: Rays 4, Red Sox 0

Lester fanned two (giving him 501 for his career) in the inning. … Meanwhile, Garza was perfect for six innings against the Red Sox last April 30 and struck out 10.

Top of the 4th: Rays 4, Red Sox 0

Garza has been perfect through three innings, striking out three and throwing only 41 pitches. Varitek drilled a line drive to the gap in left with one out that Crawford tracked down. Now there’s some UZR.

Crawford is going to make big money next winter and either the Red Sox or Yankees will be paying it.

Middle of the 3rd; Rays 4, Red Sox 0


Lester walked Kapler and Bartlett to start the inning and as you might expect, that led to trouble. Carl Crawford, an unselfish star, bunted the runners over. Zobrist then fell behind 0-2, took a ball then singled to center on a 1-2 pitch, driving in both runs.

Top of the 3rd, Rays 2, Red Sox 0

The Sox again went in order against Garza. Drew (1 for his last 19) managed to hit a pop-up beyond the infield dirt. There’s progress.

Top of the 2nd: Rays 2, Red Sox 0

The win run prevention defense backfired again. Evan Longoria lined a ball to center than landed at the base of the wall. Cameron may not have caught it even if he got a good jump, but he started in at first.

The next pitch, a 96-mph fastball, was crushed by Carlos Pena and hit the wall a few feet above the roof over the camera platform in center. There won’t be too many more impressive homers at Fenway this season.

Pena now has five career homers off Lester.

End of the 1st: Rays 0, Red Sox 0

Garza retired the side in order striking out Scutaro and Pedroia (on a 9-pitch AB) before getting Martinez to line out. It’s now raining pretty heavily.

The managers are going to be ripped if they lose their starters to a rain delay because weather forecast got screwed up and the game started too soon.

Middle of the 1st: Rays 0, Red Sox 0

Jon Lester looks determined to end those early season woes that have pestered him. He struck out the side on 16 pitches, 10 strikes. Umpire Ted Barrett totally missed a strike on a 2-2 pitch to Zobrist but Lester came back and got him looking at a 96-mph heater on the outside corner.

Top of the 1st: Rays 0, Red Sox 0

First pitch was at 2:06 after a delay of 31 minutes. It’s 47 degrees and clearing up.

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