Cameron to DL

Mike Cameron, who was scratched from yesterday’s lineup and sent to Massachusetts General Hospital, has been diagnosed with an abdominal tear near the attachment site of the abdominal muscle and the pelvis, according to a team source. The injury is a type of sports hernia, and will send Cameron to the disabled list, enabling the Sox to bring up a much-needed replacement.

Josh Reddick will be summoned today from Triple A.

Boston has played short-handed for the past week because of injuries to Cameron and Jacoby Ellsbury. Cameron suffered from kidney stones, which he passed on Friday, and then returned to the the field on Saturday. But Cameron began feeling symptoms similar to those he felt before the kidney stones, resulting in yesterday’s trip to the hospital.


It appears likely that Cameron will be out for longer than 15 days. The injury is likely the same one that caused Cameron’s groin injury in spring training, which means that it has lingered for more than a month, according to the source. The team wants to make sure that it is fully healed, though there isn’t yet a sense of when that might happen, and it is possible that it could eventually require surgery.

Ellsbury, meanwhile, is still not full recovered from the hit he took from Adrian Beltre in Kansas City on April 11. He has not played in a game since then, but is expected to have an “aggressive” day today, according to manager Terry Francona. Ellsbury has continued to complain of sharp pains and trouble breathing because of the hit to his left chest area. There remains the chance that Ellsbury could be placed on the DL retroactively, meaning the Sox would need yet another outfielder, which would likely be Darnell McDonald.

The two injuries have forced the Sox to go with a limited rotation in the outfield, using Bill Hall at centerfield. Reddick can play centerfield in the absence of Cameron and, for now, Ellsbury.


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