Westmoreland released from rehab center

Here’s a brief update from the Red Sox on the condition of Ryan Westmoreland:

The Red Sox announced that minor league outfielder Ryan Westmoreland was released from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital on Saturday.

Westmoreland will continue to undergo physical and occupational therapy as an outpatient at Spaulding. He has been making steady progress and is in great spirits.


What has been left unsaid is whether doctors believe Westmoreland will return to professional baseball after having surgery in March to correct a “cavernous malformation” of bleeding blood vessels in his brain stem.

From the start of this situation, the main concern of the Red Sox and his family was Ryan’s quality of life and not his career.


Given the wide range of possible outcomes and laborious rehabilitation involved, it’s quite likely nobody can say what the future holds in terms of baseball.

The Westmoreland family has asked not to take questions and the Globe has honored that request.

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