Sox second most hated MLB team

Where does this hate come from?

According to a story in the Wall Street Journal, the Sox are the second-most hated team in baseball according to a formula developed by Nielsen. Second to the Cleveland Indians? Didn’t know anyone even cared about the Indians, let alone hate them.

The Yankees, with 27 championships, were ranked fourth on the hate list and in front of the Yankees and behind the Red Sox were the Reds at No. 3 and Brad Mills’ Astros at No. 4.

The formula determines whether consumers have positive, negative or neutral reactions to brands in their online messages. Neilsen’s “Sentiment Rankings” range from 5 to minus-5. No team finished with a negative number. But six teams finished with a number lower than 2.


Also in the top 10 were the Chicago White Sox (No. 7), Baltimore Orioles (No. 8), New York Mets (No. 9) and Los Angeles Dodgers (No. 10).

The most popular teams were the Bay Area San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s.

Never had that positive of a reaction to the Giants and A’s.

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