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Is a Taser too much for a fan on the field?

This is a little off-topic but worthy of a discussion.

A Philly cop used his Taser to bring down a fan who ran on the field last night.

The kid went down instantly and was carted off the field.

Is that excessive force?

I’m not the guy to ask. In my job, some drunk on the field only makes it harder to meet deadline, so I’d be OK with Fenway Park sending Jerod Mayo and Brandon Meriweather out there to level the guy. I bet the next rail-jumper in Philly will think twice about it.

I do know that it unnerves the players when somebody runs on the field. Sure, most times it’s some kid on a dare from his friends after too many beers. But it could be somebody with bad intentions or, worse, somebody armed.


What do you think?

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