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If you’ve navigated your way to his blog, you’re probably a good baseball fan. If you’re a good baseball fan, you’ve probably watched the movie Major League and remember some of the funny lines.

So it was great fun to be sitting in the dugout yesterday afternoon and watch Clay Buchholz, Dustin Pedroia, Jonathan Van Every and Kevin Youkilis exchange lines back and forth. It was somehow heartening that actual baseball players like the movie as much as the rest of us.

Clay does a good imitation of Bob Uecker as Harry Doyle. Word-for-word he remembered a bunch of lines. I was impressed.

Don Orsillo then wandered by and Pedroia got on him about not having a signature home run call. Orsillo kiddingly suggested he would go with “Kapowie!” Dustin shot that down.

Nobody could come up with a good one. If you can come up with something original, I’ll pass it on to Don.

UPDATE, 10:45 a.m.: I said original calls. I’m getting e-mails with the calls from other announcers or from movies. Original.

UPDATE, 1:15 p.m.: We’re at 254 e-mails and counting. Thanks. But instead of e-mailing submit your idea as a comment instead. That way I can keep my iPhone from exploding.

I’m liking “Long way outta Fenway” right now. But we’ll see what comes up.

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