Field of dreams? Not so much


In case you missed it, Nick Cafardo wrote a piece today on the field at Fenway Park.

Players from the Red Sox and virtually every other team in the American League say it’s one of the worst surfaces in baseball. There are bad hops galore, especially on the left side, and players say the grass is too long.

The Sox tore up the field up a few years ago (before the 2005 season) and put in a new one. That didn’t help. They need to try again and hire the best people to do it so it is done right this time. This is an issue that goes well beyond Theo Epstein, Terry Francona and the players. It has to be on the agenda of people like Larry Lucchino and Sam Kennedy.


I’m sure some folks will say that these millionaire players need to pipe down and that the field is fine. But it’s not. The Red Sox have the second-highest payroll in baseball. They have spent millions refurbishing Fenway Park. They are building a new spring training stadium in Florida. There is no part of the operation where corners are cut. It’s a first-class organization, one of the best in baseball. People in New England should be immensely proud of that.

That’s what makes having a poor playing surface inexcusable. It makes little sense to do everything right as an organization then hold your breath every time there’s a grounder to third base.

The Sox like to say that Fenway is America’s most beloved ballpark. If that’s the case, the playing field should live up to that standard. It doesn’t seem like too much to expect.

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