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Red Sox hold off Yankees 7-6 in the rain

Game over: Red Sox 7, Yankees 6

Somehow Papelbon survived. Miranda grounded back to the mound and he held the runner at third. Then Randy Winn struck out on a 3-2 pitch. What a wild night.

Who knows what this may or may not lead to. But the 20-20 Sox should have some positive mojo going home for two days.

Back with more later on.

Bottom of the 9th: Red Sox 7, Yankees 6

Cervelli bunted Cano to third. Thames, the hero last night, walked. Now comes Miranda, a double-play candidate.

Bottom of the 9th: Red Sox 7, Yankees 6

Here we go again? A-Rod reached on an error by Scutaro, who lolly-gagged a grounder in the hole. A-Rod stole second without a throw coming. Then Cano drove a double down the left-field line.


Middle of the 9th: Red Sox 7, Yankees 5

Youkilis flied to center. Papelbon coming in for the save try and redemption in the ninth.

Top of the 9th: Red Sox 7, Yankees 5

The Sox have done it again. Lowell grounded out. McDonald then singled in his first career AB against the legendary closer, breaking his bat on a ball that landed in center field. Scutaro popped to right but Thames dropped it.

With two on, Pedoria grounded to first. Then Hermida doubled over the head of Winn in left. An amazing turn of events here in the Bronx.

Hermida replaced Drew in the last inning for a reason that has yet to be announced. It appeared Drew was flexing his legs when he was on the bases. Hermida has 22 RBI in only 88 ABs


Top of the 9th: Red Sox 5, Yankees 5

Teixeira flied to right. Mo Rivera coming in to face Hall, McDonald and Scutaro.

Bottom of the 8th: Red Sox 5, Yankees 5

Okajima struck out Miranda and Winn before Jeter singled and Gardner walked. Now Daniel Bard is coming in to face Teixeira.

Bottom of the 8th: Red Sox 5, Yankees 5

Beltre grounds out to end the inning. Now Okajima in for the Sox. So Beckett has a 7.29 ERA and one loss.

Yankees warming up Rivera and will use him in the ninth

Top of the 8th: Red Sox 5, Yankees 5

Ortiz drove a ball to the wall in right, scoring Youkilis. But Ortiz stood admiring his shot for a second, believing it was out. Then he got thrown out at second by like 10 feet. Great job tying the game, awful job getting thrown out there.


Top of the 8th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 4

Here come the Sox all of a sudden against Joba Chamberlain. Scutaro reached on an error that should have been a hit. Then Pedroia singled ahead of an RBI double by Drew. Youkilis followed with a two-run single to right.

Martinez grounded out. Now Ortiz is up with the tying run on second. The lion has left the field, thankfully.

Top of the 8th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 1

An escaped lion from the Bronx Zoo is loose on the field and chasing around A-Rod, who is screaming as he flees the jungle beast. The Red Sox are on the top step of the dugout rooting on the lion.


(Just checking to see if anybody is still paying attention to this game with the Celtics and Magic battling in Game 2.)

Middle of the 7th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 1

Sabathia had a 1-2-3 inning. He has scattered four hits and struck out five.

Top of the 7th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 1

Delcarmen walked the bases loaded but escaped as Gardner grounded into a force at the plate and Teixeira fouled out.

Middle of the 6th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 1

The Yankees have officially protested the game, saying Beckett was replaced via injury without any notice, allowing Delcarmen to warm up as much as he wanted. Usually the umpires are involved in that decision and the manager but Farrell just did it unilaterally. Very odd.


Anyway, Youkilis just broke up the shutout with a homer. He has seven on the year and 100 for his career. The Red Sox will need somebody to be their All-Star selection, it might as well be Youkilis.

Bottom of the 5th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 0

There seems little chance this night ends well for the Red Sox. Gardner doubled and Teixeira walked with one out. Rodriguez lined to left before Cano drove in two with a double to the gap in right that rolled all the way to the wall.

John Farrell came out to talk to Beckett and then pointed to the bullpen, deciding Beckett was out of the game. Terry Francona and then one of the trainers came out and Beckett walked off the field.


Strange situation. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a pitching coach decide the pitcher was coming out like that. So apparently Beckett is hurt. Meanwhile the Sox are down by five runs and Sabathia is working on a three-hit shutout.

The Sox would be 9.5 games out if they lose only 40 games into the season.

Middle of the 5th: Yankees 3, Red Sox 0

That’s CC as in Cruise Control. The big lefty has retired six in a row. McDonald grounded out and he fanned Scutaro and Pedroia looking. The final pitch to Pedroia was low but Cervelli brought it up enough to fool Angel Campos.

It’s an official game now.

Top of the 5th: Yankees 3, Red Sox 0

Beckett got two outs before Juan Miranda drove a ball into the home bullpen in right center. He has two RBIs on the night. Beckett then fanned Winn to end the inning.

Middle of the 4th: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0

Ortiz walked but Beltre grounded into a double play before Hall popped up. Sabathia is handling the Sox fairly easily so far.

Top of the 4th: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0

Beckett struck out Gardner and got Teixeira to ground to second. A-Rod walked and trotted to first. Cantered, really. But Cano grounded to third.

The rain is picking up here.

Middle of the 3rd: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0

Scutaro singled. Drew grounded to first with one out and Teixeir took the out at second. You’ll never believe this but Youkilis walked. With two outs, Martinez swung through a 3-2 fastball.

Jacoby Ellsbury rehab update

He was 0 for 3 with a walk and played an uneventful center field, catching one fly ball in his eight innings.

Top of the 3rd: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0

Jeter saw seven pitches and struck out on a high cutter. Both runs were unearned Beckett has thrown 39 pitches through two innings.

Bottom of the 2nd: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0

Winn grounded a ball to second that possibly could have been a double play. But Pedroia bobbled it and had only a play at first as another run scored. Jeter up now with a chance to break the game open as the runners will be going on contact.

Bottom of the 2nd: Yankees 1, Red Sox 0

Here we go again with Beckett? Rodriguez broke his bat but singled. Cano then hit a sire double-play ball on the shortstop side of second base but Scutaro flubbed it. Thames drew a one-out walk to load the bases before Miranda dropped a single into right field to make it 1-0.

Based loaded and one out.

Middle of the 2nd: Red Sox 0, Yankees 0

Ortiz started the inning with an opposite-field single to left. But Beltre struck out, Hall popped to right and McDonald flied to right.

Ortiz is now 17 of 47 in May.

Top of the 2nd: Red Sox 0, Yankees 0

Solid inning for Beckett. Jeter grounded to short, Gardner grounded to first (on a gritty, gutty 10-pitch at-bat) and Teixeira struck out on three pitches.

Yankees still don’t have Jorge Posada, by the way, because of a ball he fouled off his foot on Sunday

Middle of the 1st: Red Sox 0, Yankees 0

The Sox got something going with two outs as Drew singled (man, is he scorching) and Kevin Youkilis walked for the 1,245th time in the last week. But Martinez, facing his old friend Sabathia, grounded to second.

There is a wind-whipped drizzle going from left to right across the stadium. There are no press-box windows at the Stadium, which causes many complaints. But in my opinion, the media should be in the same conditions as the fans and players. We need not to get rained on, but we’re also at a baseball game, not a movie.

Top of the 1st: Red Sox 0, Yankees 0

We’re about to get underway here in the Bronx. The rain has stopped but it’s 53.. Hope you enjoy the game.

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