Girardi explains protest

Joe Girardi will stick with his protest of last night’s 7-6 Red Sox win after he disputed that reliever Manny Delcarmen be allowed more than the eight warm up pitches after Josh Beckett’s back tightened up with two outs in the fifth inning.

“They (the Red Sox) signaled to the bullpen before they announced to the umpire that he was hurt,” Girardi explained. “You’re supposed to get eight warm up pitches when you make a pitching change. When you take some one out and he’s physically hurt take the trainer and talk to the umpire and tell him.”


Pitching coach John Farrell came out to see Beckett after he allowed a two-run double to Robinson Cano. Farrell signaled for Delcarmen.

Girardi first heard what the umps had to say and then came back on the field to officially file the protest.

Asked what the umpires thinking was, Girardi said, “I think they’re not going to hurt Manny Delcarmen. That’s the thing. But in my eyes it was not done the right way. My thought is Manny either gets eight warmup pitches or they have to bring in a position player, but to me he shouldn’t get all those pitches in.”

Asked whether he felt the protest would be upheld, he said “I don’t know. It could be used as a huge advantage if every time a guy got in trouble – and I’m not saying Beckett wasn’t hurt – and you signal to the bullpen and say, ‘Oh he’s hurt.’ It would be a huge advantage.”

Girardi believes the protest will now be reviewed by the league office.

“I believe if you win a protest you start from that point. I’m not exactly sure though,” Girardi said.

The score was 5-0 Yankees at the time of the protest.

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