Extra Bases

Greetings from Gate 3

Here we are at Marvin “Bad News” Barnes International Airport in Providence waiting for a flight to Philadelphia.

Today was the latest example (of many) where I managed to outsmart myself.

The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote a great investigative story a year or two ago about the baggage issues at the airport there involving US Airways. There were a ton of lost bags, frustrated passengers, etc.

So when I made my reservation, I booked a flight on United figuring that would improve the odds of my bag accompanying me on the trip.

So what happens today? I go to United to check in and the woman behind the counter says, “Oh, US Airways operates that flight.”


Grrrrr. So if I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt on NESN tonight, you’ll know why.

The Sox-Phillies series should be interesting if only because it’ll be a chance to see Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Roy Halladay and future Sox star Jayson Werth. There are a few too many interleague games and the integrity of the schedule is damaged, but the games are still fun.

Still, it’s a bit ridiculous that the Red Sox get the Phillies six times and the Yankees get the F Troop Mets six times.

So check back later for a report from Citizens Bank Park. For now, I’m going to go stand by the window and see if they’re putting my bag on the plane.


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