Now … Greetings from Gate A-19

By now, I was supposed to be sitting on the plane watching the last episode of Friday Night Lights. Instead …

We got on the plane and suddenly three maintenance guys got on. Never a good sign. Seems there was a loose seat that needed fixing. Nobody was in that seat, mind you. But it was loose. In case the pilot decided to do a few barrel rolls, it needed to be tightened up.

About 45 minutes passed as three guys with wrenches crawled around. The pilot then announced that we should get off the plane and they were going to swap the entire row of seats out. The FAA was OK with us flying with the loose seat but US Air was not.


They announced, “Feel free to leave your bags in the overheads. We’ll be reboarding within an hour.”

No fool is Abraham. I took my bag with me. And guess what? Now we have a new plane in an entirely new terminal. The poor people who left their bags on the plane were scrambling to get back on the plane and get them.

So after a long march to a new gate, here we are and the 7:55 flight is supposed to leave at 9:45. No chance.

Amalie is on the flight along with the beat writers from the Herald and Providence Journal. I suspect Terry Francona is behind this.

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