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Random thoughts from the road

Hello from Tampa. A few scattered observations on the Sox for you:

* There may not be any one Red Sox player who will drive in 100 runs this season. But with the season 28 percent complete, the Sox have seven players with at least 20 RBI. Check out this balance: Drew 29, Youkilis 27, Beltre 26, Pedroia 25, Hermida 22, Ortiz 22, Martinez 20.

* The Yankees have lost 10 of their last 15 and now lead the Sox by only 2.5 games in the wild card. So everybody who declared the season over, go the blackboard and write “The baseball season lasts 162 games” 162 times.

* For a guy who has made being Jerry Remy a big business, he still shows up at the clubhouse early and does his homework before every game.

* Thought it said a lot about lack of faith Terry Francona has in his bullpen when he used Daniel Bard to protect a 5-0 lead in the ninth inning on Saturday. It’s not like Bard needed the work.

* Mike Lowell, David Ortiz and Tim Wakefield have made their displeasure clear in various ways this season. But Jason Varitek has handled his changing role with professionalism and unequivocal support for Victor Martinez.

* The New York Post reported on Page Six that Josh Beckett and his wife went to a Manhattan steakhouse during the Yankees series. Only he isn’t married. Not yet, anyway.

* Beckett, by the way, said yesterday that his back is feeling “much better” and he’s hoping of throwing as many as three side sessions before he’s activated on June 3.

* Jeremy Hermida is proof that batting average is not always a telling statistic.


* Nothing ever looks easy for Kevin Youkilis. I bet scouts hated him when he was in college. But he almost always gets it done.

* Guess what Daniel Bard, Josh Beckett, Clay Buchholz, J.D. Drew, Theo Epstein, Mike Lowell, Daisule Matsuzaka, Jonathan Papelbon and Tim Wakefield all have in common? They’re all addicted to their new iPads.

* I’m really looking forward to seeing what injury Manny Ramirez comes up with so he doesn’t have to play at Fenway Park June 18-20.

* I think it’s too bad Theo Epstein felt he had to wear a disguise to go see a concert. I don’t care what job you have, even President, you should be allowed two hours to watch a movie, see a show or read a book. Nobody works their best when all they do is work.

Go do whatever you want, Theo. If somebody doesn’t like it, that’s their problem. Not yours. We lose when idiots win.

* These were the DVDs in the Philadelphia visitor’s clubhouse: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back; The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard; Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Semi Pro. Obviously the Phillies are hoping the opposition will pop one in and sleep through the game.

* Pawtucket is not exactly awash with prospects again this season. But young lefty Felix Doubront, who just arrived, could help the Red Sox in some way before the season is over. The bullpen perhaps?

*For his sake and the sake of giving Francona a more useful bench, the Sox need to either trade or release Lowell. Max Ramirez, the kid they were going to get from Texas, has an .889 OPS in 35 plate appearances for the Rangers. Texas could still use Mike, too.


* Thanks to everybody who has been commenting on the blog, sending e-mails or saying hi at the park. It’s been fun getting to know folks.

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