Pre-game notes from the Trop

It’s just a day off for Jacoby Ellsbury, who also is 1 for 14 since he came back and scored one run.

Terry Francona said that when both Ellsbury and Mike Cameron were in the lineup together, Ellsbury would play center field. The reason is to save wear and tear on Cameron’s body.

In reading about sports hernias, the injury can be managed over the course of the season but that either a long time off or surgery is ultimately needed to correct it. This sounds like part of managing it.

In other news:

* Victor Martinez had shoes on today and said his battered left big toe is feeling better. But he did not hazard a guess as to when he would return. He took BP on the field with the team, which would seem like a good sign.


* David Ortiz held court on the field with some members of the Latin media and was very animated and having fun. Meanwhile, some people with literally too much time on their hands timed David’s home run trot last night as the slowest in the majors this season. Seriously? The worst part is that some people will make a big deal about it.

Add it all up and Big Papi clearly has some swagger back. Never a bad thing for him.

(By the way, thanks to The Heater for the tip on that crazy site.)

* Josh Beckett threw some off the mound today and will throw a full side on Friday at Fenway. Everything seems lined to him coming back on June 3.

* Junichi Tazawa is here and spoke to the media. He seems to be making the expected progress from having had Tommy John surgery. That traditionally takes 9-12 months to come back from, so obviously it’ll be see you in 2011.

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