Cameron to see specialist later today

Mike Cameron had an MRI today and later today will see a specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital. In the latest medical setback for the Red Sox, he’s having abdominal pain on his right side.

The original tear that landed in on the disabled list is on the left side.

“There is some pain, abnormal pains. I’ve never had this type of injury and I don’t know if this is normal or not,” Cameron said.

The discomfort was such that Cameron was tossing and turning in bed on Sunday night at his home in Georgia, enough that his wife took notice. Now comes another visit to the doctor.


Cameron said “No, no, no” when asked if he was worried about going back on the DL.

“It’s just the last couple of days, it was sore,” he said. “It wasn’t feeling too good and it was on the opposite side, so that worried me. But they’ve been good. They’re checking it out. As soon as I feel good, I’m going to play.”

Cameron has the right intentions and you can’t question his willingness. But when a player goes on the DL, comes back to play and then has similar pain a week later, that sounds like trouble.

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