Family ties seem to inspire Drew

The Red Sox had a great stat on their post-game notes last night:

J.D. Drew has played 17 games against his brother, Stephen. He has hit .375 in those games with 10 extra-base hits, eight runs scored, five walks and 18 RBIs.


Jon Lester picked up his 50th career win last night. Buster Olney of had a great statistical nugget in his column (subscription only) today:

It’s the list of pitchers with the highest win percentage at the time of their 50th win in the expansion era (losses in parentheses):

Dwight Gooden: .758 (16)
Tim Hudson: .746 (17)
Jon Lester: .735 (18)
Chien-Ming Wang: .735 (18)
Barry Zito: .735 (18)
Ron Guidry .735 (18)


One thing that really jumped out at me on that list: How many of those guys ran into physical or performance issues later in their careers. It’s fair to say Gooden and Zito never reached their potential while Hudson and Wang had injury problems.

It speaks to the fragile nature of pitching.

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