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Shifting defenses a Drew dilemma?

If you are of a sabermetric bent, you’ll enjoy this piece on Baseball Prospectus about the defensive shifts being employed on J.D. Drew by some teams.

Ben Lindbergh, who wrote the analysis, reached out to several mainstream media types for assistance (including me) and the end result is a good read.

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that the line between traditional media types and the sabermetric guys is getting more fuzzy. I think we’ve all realized that the idea is to get more information out there to people, not fight with each other.

Some people want anecdotes and colorful quotes in their baseball coverage, others want VORP and spray charts. But plenty of people want both.


I will fully admit to scorning stuff like UZR and ERA+ before I took the time to really try and understand it and talk to the people who were analyzing the data. In my opinion, the more ways to evaluate the player and the game, the better picture we see. Why would you not want to know the most you can?

Anyway, if you’re of similar mind, check out the piece on J.D.


Thanks to the guys from BP, the article is now free to read. Nice gesture by them.

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