Wakefield meets an old nemesis tonight

Barry Bonds is long gone from AT&T Park. But as far as Tim Wakefield is concerned, Giants center fielder Aaron Rowand should get the Bonds treatment tonight.

Four balls, none near the strike zone.

Counting postseason games, Rowand is 12 of 19 against Wakefield in his career with four home runs and two doubles. His career line against Wakefield is .632/.667/1.368.

Only five players (Frank Thomas, Alex Rodriguez, Vladimir Guerrero, Garret Anderson, and Miguel Tejada) have more home runs against Wake and they all have at least 33 plate appearances against him.

Rowand goes by the old knuckleball adage, “See it low, let it go. See it high, let it fly.”


“If it starts down, let it go. If it’s up, you try to see it and hit it. You’ve got to stay in the middle of the field because of all the movement. Basically, see the ball, hit the ball,” Rowand told the San Francisco Chronicle.

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