Schedule creates flexibility for Buchholz

Clay Buchholz limped back to the dugout in the second inning yesterday. But what looked at first like a serious injury turned out to be a hyperextension.

The hope is that Buchholz will make his next start. But the good news for the Sox is the date for that next start is flexible.

The Sox are off on Monday and Thursday. In theory, they can get away with using four starters until July 6 in Tampa Bay. That would give Buchholz nine days to recover.

Or they could fit him in before that, pretty much any time starting on Friday if he has recovered.


A few extra days off wouldn’t be the worst thing for Buchholz anyway. He has thrown 92 innings, the same amount he threw in the majors last season. In all, he tossed 191 innings in 2009. A little extra time off before the All-Star break could set him up for a big second half of the season.

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