All-Star game voting not kind to the Sox

The All-Star Game fan voting is largely foolish. Taylor Teagarden of the Rangers is fourth among catchers, which speaks well of him considering his last major league game was on April 26. But he is hitting .263 in AA ball.

Are the Rangers paying people to vote?

This stuff is not worthy of you getting worked up over. When it’s all said and done, the Red Sox will be adequately represented. Kevin Youkilis, Adrian Beltre, David Ortiz, Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz are worthy candidates. So was Dustin Pedroia before he got hurt.

Here are the latest vote totals:

First base
1. Justin Morneau (Twins) 2,118,654
2. Mark Teixeira (Yankees) 1,863,235
3. Miguel Cabrera (Tigers) 1,832,782
4. Kevin Youkilis (Red Sox) 1,006,805


Second base
1. Robinson Cano (Yankees) 2,948,269
2. Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox) 1,518,334
3. Ian Kinsler (Rangers) 1,302,245

Third base
1. Evan Longoria (Rays) 3,118,600
2. Alex Rodriguez (Yankees )1,921,325
3. Michael Young (Rangers) 1,230,264
4. Adrian Beltre (Red Sox) 805,300

1. Derek Jeter (Yankees) 3,350,155
2. Elvis Andrus (Rangers ) 1,607,165

1. Joe Mauer (Twins) 3,968,039
2. Jorge Posada (Yankees) 1,304,978
3. Victor Martinez (Red Sox) 896,413

Designated Hitter
1. Vladimir Guerrero (Rangers) 2,889,243
2. Hideki Matsui (Angels) 1,224,976
3. David Ortiz (Red Sox) 969,291

1. Ichiro Suzuki (Mariners) 1,924,904
2. Josh Hamilton (Rangers) 1,906,350
3. Carl Crawford (Rays) 1,782,035
No Sox are in top 15.

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