Pedroia — yes, Pedroia — is taking grounders

Right now, as I write this, Dustin Pedroia is kneeling on the grass at second base taking grounders from Tim Bogar.


And not pitty-pat grounders to your kid in the backyard. These are big league groundballs. He then flips the balls to coach Rob Leary.

Yeah, six weeks. That sounds right.

UPDATE, 6:15 p.m.: Here’s what Terry Francona had to say about Pedroia:

“He’s a maniac. He knows he can’t put any weight on that foot and he knows he’s going to slow himself down if he does. He’ll abide by the rules but he’s going to bend them as much as he can. Anybody’s who’s been around him for two seconds knows he’s going to do anything in his power to be ready to go when the bell rings, whenever that is. … That’s what makes him so special. He’s unique.”


Pedroia, of course, played it off.

“I was just out there for five minutes. I’m pretty bored. Not really a lot for me to do right now,” he said. “I’ve got to keep my arm in shape. Just throwing on my knees, taking some groundballs. It’s not bad. We do it in spring training.”

“Hanging out. That’s all I do It’s miserable.”

Pedroia joked that he would be fine if the team kept winning. If we start losing, I might panic, start walking. But I’ll be alright.”

You know you got the bad end of this deal? Kelli Pedroia. How about having to deal with him being on crutches all day?

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