Extra Bases

Greetings from Gate C-31

Here we are at Logan, waiting for a flight to Tampa. JetBlue may have individual televisions but I’ll be doing some individual sleeping hopefully.

Check out the Sox coverage in today’s paper (the links are below). Our college interns, Robert “Willie” Mays and Nate Taylor did a nice job with the All-Star Game news.

Yesterday was a good example of how much journalism has changed since the great Howard Ziff was lecturing a bunch of wide-eyed freshmen back at UMass. Over the course of the day, there were two newspaper stories, four blog entries, a few Twitter updates, a radio interview and two television interviews. And that was on a Sunday during a holiday weekend.


There are so many ways to get the news out there and so many people hungry to get it, especially fans of a team like the Sox. You can’t really focus on one aspect of the media any more. It’s fun, though.

Not much else to tell you this morning. A sign at security warned travelers that to avoid hoof and mouth disease, you should avoid animal laboratories on your trip. Right, because you never know when you might wander into an animal laboratory.

“Honey, let’s skip the beach and go over to the university and watch them experiment on sheep. That would be fun. Oh, wait, better not. Remember that sign at Logan?”


I mean, really. Hoof and mouth disease?

Catch you from Tampa. The pitching matchups will be posted in a bit.

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